Transparencies of Eternity
Transparencies of Eternity

Transparencies of Eternity



136 Pages, 5 x 8.5

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Publication Date: July 2010

ISBN 9781934996195


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As a master of the word, Rubem Alves relates events and experiences in life where God, religiosity, love, beauty and the meaning of life are always present. They are his Transparencies of eternity a collection of poetic and spiritual chronicles in which the author draws transparent and multicolor stained glass windows, using as raw material the existence and the multiple faces of God: sometimes God is an artist, who gathers the shards of my stained glass, smashed by random stoning, and places them again in the cathedral s window so that the sun s rays may shine through them again; sometimes God is a great, huge Emptiness that encompasses the whole beauty of the universe. Even more: God is a parent who doesn t know how to add. God is not in the business of accounting God doesn t add up either virtue or sins. This is how love is. It has no why s. It is reasonless. Love for love s sake. No accounting of good or of evil. With such a God the universe becomes more humble. And fears vanish. In this book are collected texts that masterfully comprise both a profound knowledge and the major existential questions of humankind. The texts flow with a simplicity of rare beauty, and the result could not be better: spirituality is presented through a new lens, attracting, instigating and enchanting readers who want to broaden their horizons.

Author Biography

A pedagogue, poet and philosopher for all time, chronicler of everyday life, storyteller, essayist, theologian, academician, author of children books, psychoanalyst, Rubem Alves is one of Brazil s most respected intellectuals. A prolific writer his bibliography to date includes more than fifty titles in different languages with a strong autobiographic bent, Rubem Alves is one of the most brilliant craftsmen of the Portuguese language. In his texts the plasticity of the language achieves varying forms and expressions of rare and always surprising uniqueness. Rubem Alves is passionate about life, a compulsive enjoyer of life. He has not written yet all the books he has in his thoughts. Neither has he felt, loved, and played enough, or answered all the letters and messages of his friends. He has not told his grandchildren all the stories that they might imagine, nor experienced all the absences and saudades. Neither has he beheld all the mysteries of the world and of himself... Many of those who admire him believe that he has a secret pact with eternity. Rubem denies that. Eternity requires patience, and he is inveterately impatient. So much so (he says) that if God had asked for his advice the world would certainly be much better (Ademar Ferreira dos Santos).