Together Along the Way
Together Along the Way

Together Along the Way

Conversations inspired by the Directory for Catechesis



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Publication Date: May 2021

ISBN 9780824550844


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This volume is the first in an ambitious initiative by the Romero Trust and Convivium Press to provide English translations of a series of books about the martyred Archbishop Oscar Arnulfo Romero. Romero has been attracting a growing interest worldwide because of his prophetic words and his option for the poor, which he faithfully lived out until his assassination at the altar. With an integrity and authenticity rare in the contemporary church, Romero managed to find an extraordinary synthesis between orthodoxy and the way it is practiced, and he exhibited a beautiful blend of deep prayerful spirituality and effective action for justice. Because of these achievements, he has become an increasingly attractive ecclesiastical figure for the twenty first century and a genuine icon for our skeptical times. The United Nations has recognized him, and the Anglican Communion has virtually canonized him by including him with a special collect prayer in its annual liturgical calendar. From the time Romero was named archbishop of San Salvador on February 22, 1977 until he was murdered at the altar on March 24, 1980, he delivered 193 homilies that were broadcast to the nation by radio. These homilies were later transcribed and published in six volumes in El Salvador. The homilies are the impassioned voice of a prophetic pastor addressing his people and his nation at a time of unprecedented crisis and violence. Romero unrelentingly condemns the repression of the people at the hands of the powerful and resolutely commits the Church to the difficult and dangerous struggle for justice and human rights. The homilies offer an unsparing indictment of the harsh political reality of El Salvador but never cease to summon Salvadorans to respond courageously to the Gospel precepts of peace, love, and social equality. Presented in a style suitable for both specialists and the general readership, the present volume is an English translation of the first 46 homilies, delivered between March 14

Author Biography

Hosffman Ospino, PhD is Associate Professor of Theology and Religious Education at Boston College School of Theology and Ministry where he also chairs the Department of Religious Education and Pastoral Ministry (DREPM). His research focuses on the relationship between faith and culture, and how that conversation shapes catechesis, theological education and ministerial activity in culturally diverse contexts. He has authored and edited more than a dozen books on ministry and catechesis. Theresa A. O’Keefe, PhD is Associate Professor at Boston College School of Theology and Ministry. Dr. O’Keefe’s research, writing, and teaching focus on youth and young adult faith. Recognizing that young people are formed in diverse settings, she looks to how Catholic parishes, secondary schools, or universities best contribute to their formation. Her award-winning book is Navigating toward Adulthood: A Theology of Ministry with Adolescents (Paulist Press, 2018).