The Virtues We Need Again
The Virtues We Need Again

The Virtues We Need Again

21 Life Lessons from the Great Books of the West


288 Pages, 5.5 x 8.25

Formats: Paperback

Paperback, $24.95 (US $24.95) (CA $25.95)

Publication Date: December 2012

ISBN 9780824526559

Price: $24.95


Honoring traditional ethics culled from the classics

Perceptive and charming, this consideration provides insightful new meanings gleaned from classic works of literature. From immortal characters such as Don Quixote and Huckleberry Finn to revered writers who include Robert Frost and William Shakespeare, ethical qualities are lauded for their contemporary relevance and importance in today’s world. With eloquent prose, the virtuous aspects of popular, fictitious characters are discovered—creating an excitement for wholesome traits and a joy of literature. Readers of faith will especially delight in the spiritual affirmations resonating within beloved masterworks from history’s great minds.


"[Mitchell Kalpakgian] always delights the reader with a luminous wisdom and a literary flourish that enlightens even as it entertains."  —Joseph Pearce, author, Tolkien: Man, Myth and Literary Life

"Reading Dr. Kalpakgian is like being served an exquisite new wine made from grapes in your own backyard or uncovering an ancient and mysterious map that happens to be of your own country. It is a discovery, a delight, and an adventure among things that are right in front of you. It is the excitement of tradition, the love of family, the joy of literature, and the realization that this vale of tears has been touched by a good and beautiful God who loves us."  —John M. DeJak, Dean and Latin Teacher, Saint Agnes School, St. Paul MN & Director, The Wanderer Forum Foundation

"Mitchell Kalpakgian has a unique knack for drawing out that kernel of eternal truth that gives meaning and purpose to the human experience."  —Pieter Vree, editor, New Oxford Review

Author Biography

Mitchell Kalpakgian is a writer, a tutor, and a professor of humanities. He is the author of An American Family Reunion, The Lost Arts of Modern Civilization, and Mysteries of Life in Children’s Literature. He is a contributor for Catholic Faith, Culture Wars magazine, Homiletic and Pastoral Review, and the New Oxford Review. He lives in Warner, New Hampshire.