The Mass on the World

A Modern Theory of Transubstantion


A Christian Cosmology


88 Pages, 6 x 9

Formats: Hardcover, Paperback

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Publication Date: September 2021

ISBN 9780824503918

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This landmark initiative beginning with the publication of a 6-volume-series for the development of a Christian cosmology based on reality as process, seeks to replace the medieval static worldview and make a contribution to the integration of modern science and divine revelation. Combining notions from science, philosophy, and theology, Pendergast weaves a coherent picture of what we know about reality. He considers the nature of matter, human consciousness, quantum mechanics, biological evolution, and the problem of evil. Addressing both believers and nonbelievers, he aims to offer insight into problems that may disturb the faith of the former or impede the latter’s search for God.The publication of Pendergast’s six volume Christian Cosmology initiates a much-needed program of evangelization, including education and research, aimed especially at challenging and supporting younger generations.

Author Biography

Richard J. Pendergast (1927–2012) was a Jesuit priest with a doctorate in physics and licentiates in philosophy and theology, who devoted his life to seeking the integration of modern science and divine revelation. His aim was to update the Christian synthesis of St. Thomas Aquinas, based on the medieval static worldview, to reflect evolution, the view of cosmic reality as dynamic process.A scholar of first rank whose research appeared in peer-reviewed professional journals, he yet preferred pastoral ministry to academic life. He deeply desired to address the general public, believers as wel