The Local Church
The Local Church

The Local Church

Tillard and the Future of Catholic Ecclesiology


272 Pages, 6 x 9 1/4

Formats: Paperback

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Publication Date: March 2006

ISBN 9780824523473

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Is the true meaning of Catholicism to be found in the papacy, which should establish the framework for the rest of the church? Or does Catholicism exist primarily at the local level, in individual dioceses and parishes, each with their own practices and theologies? Christopher Ruddy uses the thought of Tillard, Congar, and others to offer a revitalized understanding of Church identity and authority. Topics include: The relationship of papal primacy and episcopal collegiality; Inculturation and evangelization; The quest for Christian unity; The ecclesiology of Pope Benedict XVI and its future implications; The centrality of Christology and soteriology to ecclesiology; Baptism and Eucharist; Diverse visions of communion ecclesiology.