Sorprendidos por la esperanza
Sorprendidos por la esperanza

Sorprendidos por la esperanza


408 Pages, 8.5 x 6

Formats: Paperback

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Publication Date: November 2011

ISBN 9781934996157

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According to N.T. Wright, many believers, if confronted with the question of where they will go when they die, would give the wrong answer. The correct answer is not heaven. In this book, award winning author N.T. Wright addresses hope for the future and how it is deeply related to how we live today. He asserts that Christianitys most distinctive idea is the bodily resurrection of Jesus, and he shows how our own hope for the future lies in the bodily resurrection of all people at the end of the age. Wright speaks of what happens to the dead until the fruition of new heavens and a new earth, which the New Testament proclaims. Significantly, he also asserts that the renewal of the whole creation has already begun in the resurrection of Jesus. Therefore, what we believe about life after death directly affects what we believe about life before death. Our task is not the saving of souls, but anticipating the eventual renewal of creation by initiating Gods Kingdom here within our own lives, bringing healing and hope to all through our personal histories and actions within society. This book will stimulate all who are interested in the meaning of this present life, in our personal and social histories, and not only in what happens after death.