Seeking with All My Heart
Seeking with All My Heart

Seeking with All My Heart

Encountering God's Presence Today


160 Pages, 5.125 x 7.5

Formats: Paperback

Paperback, $16.95 (US $16.95) (CA $20.95)

Publication Date: April 2010

ISBN 9780824525996

Price: $16.95


Gain a deeper appreciation of God and self

This collection of insights, parables, and meditations from the Christian spiritual and literary tradition helps to reveal the presence of the divine within the world and within oneself. Drawing from both classical and contemporary sources, including Jesus, the Lord’s Prayer, Job and the Psalms, Tolstoy, Pascal, Carlo Carretto, and Annie Dillard, these writings foster a deep appreciation of the spiritual practice of being present and address subjects such as grief, healing, transformation, and hope. Directed at those who are seeking a deeper appreciation of both God and self, these reflections challenge flimsy mental constructs and comfortable conclusions about the world.


"In this top-drawer collection of meditative essays, D'Arcy demonstrates her special knack for sharing experiences from her life to reveal marvelous moments of grace, wonder, communion, and meaning." —Spirituality & Health

"Paula D'Arcy is a master of internalizing wisdom from the scriptures, pondering these words in her heart and allowing new questions to emerge. She is, in fact, a true grand inquisitor who reminds us of the utter importance of asking ourselves the 'right' questions, of patiently wrestling with these queries regardless of outcomes or answers." —Leaven Journal

Author Biography

Paula D’Arcy is a retreat leader and speaker, the author of Gift of the Red Bird, Song for Sarah, and When People Grieve, and the founder of the Red Bird Foundation. She lives in Texas.