Running from the Devil
Running from the Devil

Running from the Devil

A Memoir of a Boy Possessed


272 Pages, 5 3/8 x 8 1/4

Formats: ebook: EPUB, Mobipocket

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Publication Date: April 2003

ISBN 9780824526771


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What's a kid to do when recurring hallucinations lead him to believe that he?s possessed by the devil? In the case of one boy with an over-active imagination and a Catholic parochial school upbringing, you don?t tell a single soul for fear of being ridiculed, sent away for treatment, or perhaps even burned at the stake. Instead, you wage a private holy war against Satan. Based on an award-winning feature story, Running from the Devil is Steve Kissing's poignant, yet humorous, memoir about the remarkable steps he took to hide his condition—later discovered to be epilepsy1and exorcise his demons. The tale is a testament to the power of a child's imagination and religion's influence on an impressionable mind.

Author Biography

Sara Davies has now moved on from the past that haunted her for so long and now raises her six children as a single mother.