Ramon Llull and the Secret of Life
Ramon Llull and the Secret of Life

Ramon Llull and the Secret of Life

An Introduction to the Philosophy of the Human Person


288 Pages, 6 x 9

Formats: Paperback

Paperback, $30.95 (US $30.95) (CA $41.95)

Publication Date: August 2003

ISBN 9780824521172

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Ramon Llull and the Secret of Life describes the enigmatic life of the celebrated medieval philosopher, mystic, and visionary who left behind more than 300 books in Catalan, Latin, and Arabic. He traveled throughout Europe, the eastern Mediterranean, and North Africa to share his discovery of the combinatory art, a new language with parallels in Jewish Mysticism and Sufism. Though widely misunderstood in Llull's own day, philosophers of the Renaissance to more recent scholars who see it as a forerunner of computer languages. This book sets out to show the inner affinities between Llull's theory of mystical contemplation and his extraordinary religious experiences, and to elaborate the varieties of linguistic models he used to express himself. It concludes with selections from his most representative writings.