Joyous Encounters
Joyous Encounters

Joyous Encounters

Discovering the Happy Affections in Luke-Acts


352 Pages, 6 x 9

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Publication Date: September 2018

ISBN 9780824599317


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Any list of emotions characterizing true Christian spirituality must include joy. In his two volumes, Luke summons his audience to joy-filled living in personal and community life. This study supplements a dearth of biblical and theological attention to the topic of joy.Luke's paired volumes show people encountering the numinous (supernatural) world through a plethora of charismatic experiences with the divine. These experiences include angelic visitations, visions, healings, and baptism in the Spirit. Within the broad canon of Scripture, Luke draws his readers into the affective experiences of others. In examining biblical texts, interpreters must not ignore important features like the emotional atmosphere, the charismatic experiences of individuals and groups, and their expressions of joy. Embracing these features supports the reality that God wills joy for his people. This study will show that Luke links charismatic encounters with the Christian experience of joy, confirmed by the repeated references to joy in the text. Numerous texts reflect an atmosphere, experience, and expression of joy, all intended to attract readers, then and now, to joyful living, as persons and communities of faith. Thus, Luke argues for a "lived theology" of joy when people encounter the supernatural world

Author Biography

J. Lyle Story is a Professor of New Testament and Biblical Languages and has taught biblical languages and Bible at the graduate level for forty years and discovers such joy to be part of the dynamic transformation of adult learners. His Ph. D. is in biblical studies (1984 Fuller Theological Seminary with Dr. David Hubbard and Dr. Ralph Martin). In addition to the Greek to Me textbook, he has produced a Greek interactive multi-media tutorial (, was a contributing author to The Spirit-Filled Life Bible, and has written numerous journal articles, dictionary articles, and book chapters. He has made presentations at scholarly conferences. He lives in Suffolk, VA with his wife Sherri, who teaches upper-level biology in a public school. He has felt privileged to teach for thirty-five years in the School of Divinity of Regent University and has also taught in California, Korea, Australia, and in some local Bible colleges. He believes that genuine and effective teaching is an outgrowth of relationships with learners. In addition, he has pastored for nine years and worked with small groups in both school and church settings. He is ordained through Harvest Network International.