Will it Work on My E-reader? 

IPG has invested in Adobe® Content Server as a digital rights management (DRM) solution. Adobe e-book DRM has become an industry standard, offering file encryption and protection to EPUB and PDF files and making it possible for IPG to securely distribute protected titles directly through www.ipgbook.com. To see if you can read IPG ebooks on your device and to find instructions on how to transfer purchased e-books, select your reading device from the options below or check Adobe's list of supported devices for more information.

In order to read an Adobe DRM-protected file on any device, files must first be opened and authorized through a program called Adobe Digital Editions. Download Adobe Digital Editions for free. Further instructions can be found under PC & Mac.

Note: Purchasing a PDF version of a book does not ensure that you will have the ability to print this item. Printing permissions are not active on PDFs purchased through IPG at this time.

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Reading IPG ebooks on iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch

Software you will need:

  • Adobe Digital Editions for PC/Mac. Download it free here. For further instructions on setup, see PC & Mac.
  • Bluefire Reader app for iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch. Get the free app at the iTunes store.

Initial Setup:

  • On your PC, authorize your Adobe Digital Editions with your Adobe ID (your e-mail address and password). If you do not already have an Adobe ID, creating one only takes a few minutes and will be crucial to downloading purchases to your computer and other devices.  

    ADE Authorization on PC

  • Download the free Bluefire Reader app from the App Store. This app supports Adobe DRM-protected EPUB and PDF files and will allow you to read purchased files on your device.

    Bluefire Reader App    For more information, visit www.bluefirereader.com.

  • Open the app on your device. The app will prompt you to authorize using your Adobe ID. Your Adobe ID is made up of the username (typically your e-mail address) and password that you created when you first installed and authorized Adobe Digital Editions for your desktop. Now that the Bluefire Reader app is authorized with the same Adobe ID as your Adobe Digital Editions, you may use the app to read files from your Digital Editions Library.

    If the app does not prompt you to authorize, tap the "Info" option at the bottom right corner of the screen, then tap the "Authorize" button and enter your Adobe ID.

Downloading your purchased files onto devices operating iOS 4.0 and newer:

  • Once your purchase is complete, you will receive an email from IPG to your registered e-mail account. Open this e-mail on your device and tap "Download [title]" from within the e-mail message.

  • A screen will pop open with an option to open your file in your Bluefire Reader app. Tap "open in Bluefire".

  • Your newly purchased file will automatically open in your Adobe ID authorized Bluefire Reader app for you to read and enjoy.

  • Note: Should you encounter any issues attempting to download your file in this manner, please follow the alternative steps below under "Transferring purchased files and reading on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch."

Transferring purchased files and reading on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch (best for older iOS):
  • After you've purchased and downloaded an e-book file from the IPG website, make sure that the file has appeared in Adobe Digital Editions on your PC or Mac (see PC & Mac for further instructions). Close Adobe Digital Editions once the file appears in your "Library."

  • Connect your device to your desktop using a USB cable and open iTunes. Make sure you have the latest software updates installed on your device and in iTunes (9.1 or later).

  • Select your device from the Devices section of iTunes.

  • Select the "Apps" tab and scroll to the "File Sharing" panel (more information on file sharing can be found on Apple's iTunes support site).  Select the Bluefire Reader app from the list of available apps. Then click "Add..."

    File Sharing Bluefire App Add file

  • Clicking "Add..." will open a window on your desktop for your to select the file you wish to add to your Bluefire Documents in iTunes and thus on your device.  Click "My Documents" and find "My Digital Editions"; this is where the files you download into Adobe Digital Editions are stored. Double-click "My Digital Editions."

    Selecting Files Digital Editions

  • In the folder "My Digital Editions," you should find the e-book file you purchased from the IPG website. Select the file you wish to add and click "Open."

    Slecting files to upload

  • The file will then appear within iTunes in your "Bluefire Documents" on the "Apps" tab and will also be available in the Bluefire Reader app on your device for you to read and enjoy.

    File appears in apps

Getting help

If you have any trouble transferring files to your Apple device, please see the iTunes file sharing support information or consult the Bluefire Reader app Help & Support section.