God’s Reign & the End of Empires
God’s Reign & the End of Empires

God’s Reign & the End of Empires



392 Pages, 6 x 8.5

Formats: Paperback

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Publication Date: September 2012

ISBN 9781934996294

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In this profound and enlightening book, theologian Antonio Gonzalez analyzes the nature of global empires since the time of Babylon. His premise is that empires maintain power by any means necessary, including exploitation, injustice and idolatry. It is in this context of empire, specifically the Roman empire, that Jesus proclaimed the reign of God as opposed to the reign of Caesar. Within God s reign, God alone rules, with mercy, love, justice, and special concern for the oppressed. Imbued with this faith, a new community of believers developed, particularly among the poor, who lived what Jesus proclaimed, sharing resources and practicing equality and forgiveness rather than retribution. The author documents

Author Biography

Antonio Gonzalez, a leading Spanish theologian, was born in Oviedo (Asturias) in 1961. He has worked in El Salvador and in Guatemala at the Jesuit University, as well as in various centers of higher education in Europe. He shares with liberation theology the perspective of Gods option for the poor and the centrality of praxis in the Christian message and life. He is a member of the Mennonite community and the General Secretary of the Fundacion Xavier Zubiri in Madrid, Spain. Gonzalez is a prolific author whose works include Structures in Praxis (1997), Trinity and Liberation (1993), and more recently, Theology of the Evangelical Praxis.