Friending God
Friending God

Friending God

Social Media, Spirituality and Community

Church at the Crossroad


80 Pages, 5.5 x 8.25

Formats: Paperback, Mobipocket, ebook: EPUB

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Publication Date: November 2016

ISBN 9780824522148


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Understanding the new coordinates of cyberspace, community and faith. Who am I online? Are cyber-friendships real?The internet has become an existentially new reality of our lives. It stirs questions about who we are as people, and what we long for in the depths of our souls. Jesuit Antonio Spadaro is one of Pope Francis’ close advisors on social media and cybertheology. He offers here clear, and simple principles to understand the spirituality of the internet, its promise and peril. We the people of the 21st century are creatures of the World Wide Web, always online, always connected, always communicating. And we--like all others throughout history--have created this technology in our own image, which gives this creation of ours a spiritual dimension as well. The Church knows the truth of this well, and it has known for a long time. This book offers an accessible introduction to a profound understanding of how we can use social media in ways that make us more whole, and fulfill our deeper desires of social connection. Everyone who wants to give a spiritual dimension to their life, and uses the internet must read this book.


"Fr. Antonio brings a much-needed, theologically-focused perspective to social media. The lens through which he helps us see cyberspace resonates with the Patristic and Biblical foundations of the Church. Friending God challenges us to realize an authentic Christian identity in cyberspace." —Theo Nicolakis, Chief Information Officer, Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America

"Through its simple but probing language, Fr Spadaro's newest addition to his ongoing work in cybertheology effectively models what it preaches: evangelizing online is not first and foremost a question of doing, but of becoming, and thus, of truly touching the other." —Dr. Nadia Delicata, Lecturer, Fundamental Moral Theology & Christianity and Culture, Department of Moral and Spiritual Theology, Faculty of Theology, University of Malta

"In this short, significant book, Spadaro speaks to Catholics about ways to approach the Internet, as this technology that can be used for good or ill. Spadaro asserts that its powerful, instantaneous ability to link to human thought processes indicates that the Web is inherently enmeshed with spiritual energy." —Barbara Bamberger Scott, US Review of Books

"This book claims that those who participate in online social media networks are present to the entire population and thereby have opportunities to engage in a people-centered mission of neighborliness, sharing, and witness to God." —US Review of Books

Author Biography

Antonio Spadaro, SJ, is the editor in chief of the Jesuits' biweekly review, La Civiltà Cattolica. Since entering the Society of Jesus in 1988, he has worked in a variety of capacities, including joining the review's community in 1998. He has been a part of the review ever since. In late 2011, he became the review's editor in chief. Fr. Spadaro considers his work to be part of the new cybertheology – "thinking faith in the Internet age". Robert H. Hopcke holds two degrees in counseling: a Master of Arts in Theology, with a Pastoral Counseling emphasis, from Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary, which is the degree under which he received my Marriage and Family Therapist license in 1986, and a second Master of Arts in Clinical Counseling from California State University, Hayward (now Cal State East Bay). Robert translates from Italian and French.