256 Pages, 5.25 x 7.5

Formats: Paperback

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Publication Date: March 2017

ISBN 9780824501419

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From the DaVinci Code and Roswell to E Pluribus Unum and the pyramid on the back of every dollar bill, we all are fascinated by secrets, codes, and coincidences. George Rutler—EWTN speaker, Crisis magazine columnist, and reigning Catholic wit—offers his reflections on the coincidental links that connect the most far-flung parts of our worlds. Topics cover the gamut of human life, from Louis Farrakhan and Edgar Allen Poe to Benjamin Franklin and the propensity of Scottish physicians to dominate the Nobel Prizes for Medicine. Each 4-page reflection is accompanied by line art to give this volume the perfect feel of antiquarian delight—perfect for the language lover and curmudgeon in all of us.

Author Biography

George W. Rutler is best known as the host of a weekly program on EWTN and as the pastor of Our Saviour in Midtown Manhattan, where he lives. A convert from Anglicanism, he has published a number of books on Catholic history and love.