Aging Is a Family Affair
Aging Is a Family Affair

Aging Is a Family Affair

How to Prepare for Tomorrow's Difficult Caregiving Conversations—Today


176 Pages, 5.5 x 8.25

Formats: Paperback

Paperback, $18.95 (US $18.95) (CA $20.95)

Publication Date: April 2011

ISBN 9780824526238

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Opening new lines of communication with aging loved ones

Collecting 33 unique family case studies derived directly from patient experiences, formally conducted interviews, and informal encounters and anecdotes, this resource illustrates several inevitable lessons that reinforce the pressing need for families to engage aging loved ones sooner, not later, about long-term elder care, loss, and end of life planning. Each narrative approaches aging from a unique perspective, exposing real families overcoming their own taboos, dysfunctional relationships, unhealed wounds, and other unforeseen challenges. Unique in its focus, extent, and narrative format, each study is complemented by clear, reassuring, and practical advice.


“Strains in family relationships come to a head as parents age. Aging Is a Family Affair tackles both the significance of conversations between children and parents and between the siblings as parents age. Mary Ann Massey provides real-life illustrations and professional expertise in approaching head-on the issues facing aging parents and tested solutions for entering into genuinely productive conversations as parents age.”—Leslie Stobbe, Leslie H. Stobbe Literary Agency

“Who's turn is it to bring 89-year-old Mom to the hospital? Have we got the right info from those contradictory specialists for 90-year-old Dad's emphysema? How do we get them to give up the house? What's in the will?” All this while my 7 siblings and I tend to our thirty-something children and try to cherish our grandchildren. Dr. Massey's insights from her training and real-life experiences are priceless for those navigating through these emotional land mines. This book is long overdue for the 80 million of us exhausted boomers caught in the middle.”--Paul F. Sontrop, Advertising Consultant, Sun Media, Toronto

“This vivid collection of true stories, with wise and probing analyses, offers not only practical advice, but also, and most importantly, hope. It is a hope based on the value of conversation, on options and solutions, and on the author’s compelling viewpoint that all of life—yes, even aging and death—is a pathway to personal and familial wholeness.”--Sofia M. Starnes, The Anglican Theological Review.

Author Biography

Mary Ann Massey, EdD, is a licensed marriage and family therapist and is currently a full-time clinician at the Williamsburg Centre for Therapy. She lives in Alexandria, Virginia.