A Study Guide on the Reign of God
A Study Guide on the Reign of God

A Study Guide on the Reign of God



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Publication Date: November 2013

ISBN 9781934996355

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Inspired by Gods Reign and the End of Empires (by Antonio Gonzalez ,Convivium Press 2012) and edited by Joseph V. Owens SJ, this guide presents a challenging social theology in accessible language. It is especially suited for use in Bible study groups, small parish communities, and youth groups. Discussion questions for each unit are included in an appendix. Gonzalez offers a fresh biblical theology for Christians who are struggling to understand how to live their faith in today s swiftly changing, globalized world. It shows how the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, tells a story of Gods desire to liberate people from the political, economic, and social powers that subjugate them. The first ten units of the guide, Messianic Longing, introduce the reader to the radicality of the Bibles understanding of human nature, grace, and sin; it then summarizes the powerful message of the Jewish scriptures in terms of election, exodus, and the reign of God. The second ten units, Messianic Reality, present the heart of Jesus message: the reign of the poor, the community of disciples, the conflict with the powerful, and the meaning of the cross. The final ten units, Messianic Community, recount the outpouring of the Spirit of the risen Jesus in the early Christian communities, where social relations were dramatically transformed, setting an example for how Christians should live today.

Author Biography

Antonio Gonzalez, a leading Spanish theologian, was born in Oviedo (Asturias) in 1961. He has worked in El Salvador and in Guatemala at the Jesuit University, as well as in various centers of higher education in Europe. He shares with liberation theology the perspective of Gods option for the poor and the centrality of praxis in the Christian message and life. He is a member of the Mennonite community and the General Secretary of the Fundacion Xavier Zubiri in Madrid, Spain. Gonzalez is a prolific author whose works include Structures in Praxis (1997), Trinity and Liberation (1993), and more recently, Theology of the Evangelical Praxis.