A Blessing to Each Other
A Blessing to Each Other

A Blessing to Each Other

A New Account of Jewish and Christian Relations



300 Pages, 6 x 9

Formats: Paperback, ebook: EPUB, Mobipocket

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Publication Date: October 2021

ISBN 9780824595005


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This book gives a new account of the story of Jewish and Christian relations. It focuses on the little-known instances of goodwill and cooperation that occurred between Christians and Jews throughout history. Moments and eras marked by teamwork and trust have been overshadowed by narratives that concentrate on the tragic past. This has resulted in an inaccurate portrayal of both Christianity and Judaism. Jewish and Christian scholars have worked together since World War II, however, to bring new insights to biblical studies, to challenge old paradigms of difference, and to contribute to a deeper understanding of Jewish and Christian teachings. This book interprets their research for a non-specialist audience. It covers issues that have paradoxically brought adherents of the two faiths together, such as biblical studies and examinations of Jesus and the apostle Paul. An in-depth consideration of the Holocaust and subsequent efforts to reconcile and even revise Christian and Jewish theology reveals how radically things have changed, thanks to interreligious partnerships. Mutual efforts also led to the establishment of the nation of Israel. Readers will emerge with a new appreciation for the ties that exist between Jews and Christians, and a better understanding of where the two faiths converge and where they diverge.

Author Biography

Rebecca Moore has a Ph.D. in Religious Studies from Marquette University (1996), where her specialty was Jewish and Christian dialogue. She served as Chair and Distinguished Professor of Religious Studies at San Diego State University, where she was also Interim Chair of Classics and Humanities; she also taught Religious Studies at the University of North Dakota, Saint Norbert College, and other institutions. She has written and published on medieval Christian theologians and their debt to Jewish biblical commentary, most notably Jews and Christians in the Life and Thought of Hugh of St. Victor (Scholars Press 1998). She co-authored A Portable God: The Origin of Judaism and Christianity (Rowman and Littlefield 2007) with SDSU colleague Risa Levitt Kohn. Their book examines how first-century Judaic groups interpreted Israelite religion in a new historical context. A popular lecturer, Dr. Moore has given presentations on a range of interreligious topics—from polemics to the Bible to the Shoah and many more.