The Promise of Christian Humanism
The Promise of Christian Humanism

The Promise of Christian Humanism

Thomas Aquinas on Hope


248 Pages, 6 x 9

Formats: Paperback

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Publication Date: May 2012

ISBN 9780824524692

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This book explores and enriches the tradition of Christian humanism and will be of great interest to many readers, including secular intellectuals, students of modernity, and Christian theologians. Christian faith promotes human flourishing. Despite the suspicions voiced by modern atheism and secular humanism, God offers us something greater than what we could attain on our own. In this remarkable book, Dominic Doyle, in conversation with Charles Taylor, Nicholas Boyle, and Thomas Aquinas, shows how the Christian virtue of hope breathes new life into humanism, enabling believers to approach God as the human good—God fulfills what it means to be human.


"Does hope in a transcendent God help or hinder human flourishing in the world? In this impressively lucid and wide-ranging study, Dominic Doyle explores some of the ways in which contemporary Christian humanism, drawing on Thomas Aquinas' treatment of the virtue of hope, may respond to this question by seeking congruence between faith and reason, Christianity and culture."  —Nicholas Lash, Cambridge University

"Presents a lively and learned discussion of the most important topic of theological reflection in the present age—our understanding of God's relation to humanity. Doyle's reading of the Thomistic contribution to Christian humanism is at once deeply rooted in the theological tradition and at the same time conversant with contemporary intellectual currents in Europe and North America. Every reader will find instructive Doyle's incisive reading of hope as the virtue most needed today. His penetrating reading of the relation between "Christ and culture" is fair-minded, intellectually rigorous, and challenging to readers from a variety of intellectual perspectives. This is a book that is a must-read for serious theologians, philosophers, and ethicists."  —Stephen Pope, Boston College

Author Biography

Dominic F. Doyle is an associate professor of theology at Boston College's School of Theology and Ministry. He holds degrees from Cambridge University, Harvard Divinity School, and Boston College and has received the Catherine LaCugna Award to New Scholars (CTSA) and the John Templeton Award for Theological Promise.